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Jogo Platform Solutions

  • Online Platform
  • Land Based Platform
  • Omni Channel
  • Cross Platform
  • Bespoke Platform Development
  • Platform Licensing

Whether you wish to license our current platform or get us to build the platform of choice for you, all solutions provide flexibility and seamless experiences.

For Operators using our Omni Cannel solution, we enable deployment of existing online-only content seamlessly into Land Based operations and vice-versa.

Jogo Platform Solutions will allow you to tap into these new and previously unreachable distribution channels and has the potential to multiplying revenue streams and profitability.

Platform Development

Our consultancy service allows for the provision of all key facts, details and requirements ahead of full build commitment.

From front-end development, powerful back offices through to bespoke platforms, Jogo has everything covered. All our work is in-house, scalable and modular built with precision and to the latest industry standards.

A gaming platform is the most essential part of any operation. We have developed platforms that converges online/ mobile with land-based (omni-channel) allowing players to enjoy the very best user experience.

The platforms we build are stable and customisable to the operators’ needs, and fully certifiable for the key regulators and/or laws applicable.

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Game Development

Jogo are developing an appealing and innovative premium game portfolio for mobile, online and land based casino’s that will allow for all games to be played cross platform.

The Jogo studio services include:

  • Complete HTML5 gaming solutions
  • Seamless API integration to operators and aggregators
  • RGS to RGS integrations
  • Game design, math, assets, art & sound
  • Multi lingual and multi currency
  • Customer & technical support
  • Branded Content
  • Deliver and port 3rd party content
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Software Development

  • Software Development
  • RGS & RNG Development
  • Gamification & Player Engagement

From concept to code, development to deployment, Jogo Global provides custom software solutions that accelerate workflows, optimise operations and boost revenues. Whether you’re looking to develop a new game for your business or improve your existing software environment, we offer the bespoke software development services you require.

Features include:

  • Game logic
  • Random numbers
  • Game management
  • Bet limits
  • Multiplayer support
  • Statistics and reports
  • Detailed game history
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Other Services

  • Global Certification & Licensing
  • Content Distribution
  • Entertainment
  • 3D Virtual Worlds

The LatAm market is one of the most interesting emerging scenarios in the iGaming industry, offering a diverse environment for all operators targeting the region for their expansion. Using our network of Operators and Aggregators we can assist with content distribution, strategic partnerships both B2B & B2C as well as gaming licenses and certification.

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Brand, content and license opportunities with our ‘Back to the 90s’ Celebrities including:

  • Vanilla Ice
  • Salt N Pepa with Spinderella
  • Kid N Play
  • Coolio
  • All 4 One
  • C+C Factory
  • CeCe Penniston
  • Soul2Soul
  • Gloria Gaynor
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Virtual Worlds

Interactive, Immersive, Multi User 3D Virtual Gaming Worlds.

Jogo Global technology brings Bingo Halls, Casinos, Concerts, Pubs and many other types of places to life through mobile devices and online.

We create and develop 3D, multi-user, virtual worlds that connect to any interface, platform, system, database and API providing an experience, as if you were there.

Benefits for the Operator/ Owner:

  • Brand engagement – can be played/ used, anywhere, anytime, 24/7.
  • No need for any equipment; it just runs on your mobile and laptop/ desktop.
  • Brand loyalty increased.
  • Conversion rates optimised.
  • Customer retention boosted.
  • Innovative acquisition tool for new customers.
  • Net player value higher.
  • New and appealing USP.
  • New revenue stream.
  • Content management easy to add/ amend/ remove/ upload.
  • Fully controlled by the Operator.

Benefits for the Player:

  • Multi user social experience where you can meet, greet, chat, challenge and play.
  • Ultra realistic 3D environments as if you were actually there.
  • Real gifts via the Gift&Go/ Amazon platform.
  • Virtual gifts – 100s of virtual items.
  • Media streaming including music concerts and live advertising pods/ billboards.
  • Environments that allow any user to walk around at their leisure.
  • Communication by video and/ or text.
  • Create and build your own Avatar.
  • User friendly; small file sizes, low impact on bandwidth.
  • Load balancing – both at user end and server.