There are various ways in which one may interpret the phenomenon of ‘porting’ games such as popular online casino titles.

These can include translating what is essentially the same game across different casino platforms – for example, a single-deck blackjack game or a branded five-reel slot from iOS to Windows – as well as porting games into what may be very different technology.

With regard to the latter, Adobe’s move to cease supporting Flash at the end of 2020 is one key development that has led to brands partnering with gaming software specialists – such as Jogo Global – capable of porting existing games to alternative technologies, such as HTML5.

Why is porting to different casino platforms such a relevant service today?

As the habits and expectations of casino game enthusiasts evolve over time, it can no longer be taken for granted that any given user will only wish to experience their favourite game in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the widespread temporary closure of many brick-and-mortar gaming outlets, there is an increasing tendency for players to wish to immerse themselves in the same game across multiple casino platforms. These may include land-based and online via desktop, smartphone and tablet devices alike.

The decision for your brand to port its existing games into alternative technologies or platforms, then, is likely to be influenced by a broad range of factors, including the target audience for each game, alongside wider brand objectives.

Nonetheless, when the process of porting a particular game is well-executed, brands and gaming operators can expect all manner of benefits. Porting an existing, proven game is, after all, often a much more cost-effective route than writing new games from scratch for new casino platforms.

Opting to port a game can also save development time, while still enabling your business to keep pace with the most recent technological trends and evolutions in gamers’ behaviour.

The factors to consider when investigating game porting

Even as your brand commits itself to porting one or more of its current games to alternative casino platforms, you will still need to carefully assess the most suitable choice of game to port, as well as the right choice of platform or technology to which to port.

While technologies such as HTML5 enjoy widespread adoption in iGaming, and we can provide complete HTML5 gaming solutions – including seamless porting – here at Jogo Global, not every game will necessarily find a strong audience on every platform, such as mobile or even land-based.

You must therefore carefully consider whether a given game for which you are considering porting is likely to be engaging and successful on the particular new casino platforms you may have in mind.

All the while, it is also crucial to work with only the most reputable developers, such as Jogo Global, to undertake truly high-quality and cost-effective porting.

The most suitable casino game development partners will not merely possess extensive experience in this particular aspect of mobile, online and land-based gaming, but will also have a strong track record of porting games without any detrimental impact on quality. Making the right choice of developers to port your games will also aid your brand’s monetisation efforts.

Enquire to the Jogo Global team today, and we would be pleased to discuss how we could work together to leverage the casino platforms that represent the best match to your brand objectives.