If your business is considering involvement in the world of mobile, online and/or land-based gaming, and is seeking the perfect development partner, you may have good reason to take advantage of our Discovery Phase offer here at Jogo Global. 

The Discovery Phase is the means by which clients can explore potential means of working with us – with no obligation to continue with the relationship if they eventually choose not to do so. 

Whether your interest is in remote gaming servers (RGS) or omni channels , you could save on your budget as our client, by selecting any of a range of options that may be bespoke or  ‘off the shelf’.

How does the Discovery Phase work?

We can well understand that if your organization is contemplating expanding its presence in the online casino gaming sector, you might initially feel bewildered by the wealth of options before you. 

The principle behind our Discovery Phase, then, is to enable you to find your bearings by benefitting from various options and flexibility, while also becoming accustomed to how the Jogo Global team works.  

Having become familiar with us through the Discovery Phase, you may ultimately decide to proceed with an ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke option, with relevant ‘add-ons’ such as gamification and bonus rounds. 

Alternatively, you may be most interested in licensing our current platform for a monthly fee, or even opting for an entirely ‘bespoke’ approach, whereby we build the ideal platform ‘from the ground up’ for you and your brand. 

Helping your organization to tap into the full potential of iGaming

Whatever your business’s broader objectives may be from its involvement in online and/or offline casino gaming, and how you may be looking to leverage your brand as part of this process, our experienced specialists can help to demystify the world of iGaming. 

Our Discovery Phase will give you the opportunity to explore the possibilities for your prospective role in this fast-growing industry – including whether you might favour having control over your own RGS, or instead licensing an existing proven gaming platform. 

Jogo Global enjoys a formidable reputation in the development and build of casino gaming platforms, omni channels and cross platforms. We employ technology and processes that comply with the latest standards, and have the expertise and resources to devise the iGaming solutions that will represent the best match for your brand’s needs. 

To learn more about the Discovery Phase and how our innovation and experience could be key to your business extracting the maximum potential from its engagement with the casino gaming sector, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Jogo team today.