You entered Jogo Global as Managing Director of the company’s US division in July, what will be your main responsibilities in this new role?

Jogo Global USA has entered the industry at a pivotal moment given how the sector is evolving and accelerating at pace with new regulation. In particular, the US market offers huge potential and it’s an area that we’re actively involved with.

Currently, I’m implementing a strategy that focuses on the development, growth and management of Jogo Global USA, which will shape us in becoming a profitable and sustainable gaming entity that delivers significant value for all stakeholders and partners alike. It’s an incredibly exciting time for everyone involved at Jogo and the future is very bright considering the pipeline of new deals and integrations that are planned for the remainder of the year.

What are the objectives that you have set for the second half of 2021 on this new position?

It’s very much focused on continuing the strategic branding efforts by leveraging Jogo Global’s parent company’s successes, existing customer base, shared assets and unique capabilities to form mutually-beneficial partnerships.

We’re a young and ambitious company, so making sure the industry is aware of our services is a key objective for us. At present, we’re focused on our core services of being a content developer and platform provider working across both online and retail. Over the coming months, we’re very hopeful of announcing some eye-catching deals that will show our credentials of being an agile provider that can deliver projects at scale.

What are the company’s plans for the end of 2021 in the United States?

There’s a huge opportunity for us to capitalize on the burgeoning US market and deliver quality content and platforms that drive engagement and revenues for partners. We want to galvanize the recent launch of Jogo Global USA by engaging in high-impact industry conferences and reach out to qualified prospective partners.

Events such as G2E are the perfect platform to spread the word about Jogo Global and what we can offer to push the industry forward. My diary for G2E is filling up fast but I’m keen to maximize the opportunity and set up as many meetings as possible across the show!

What are the main benefits of Jogo Global solutions?

That’s a question we get asked a lot, particularly given the range of platform providers and content developers that we’re competing against. One of our unique selling points is our nimble, one-of-a-kind ecosystem. We can share our customized, scalable and all-encompassing online and land-based platform as well as offering licensing, cross platform, omni channel distribution and Class II and III technology. This all comes together in a very personalized approach that is very much customer-focused.

Our ability to cater to the specific requirements of our partners is truly valued by them. Establishing close relationships is really important and it’s our belief that tier 2 operators are not receiving the best service they deserve. We’re aiming to put an end to that by treating every client of ours as a close family member and going above and beyond to ensure we are matching and exceeding their expectations.

What is your vision of the US market?

That’s an interesting question given how the market has changed so much in the previous year alone. I expect iGaming gross gaming revenues (GGR) to eventually surpass land-based GGR in the near future, particularly when you see how casino venues across the States are shrinking their respective electronic gaming machine (EGM) footprints.

The space gained by removing excess EGMs allows for the introduction of more comfortable and sleek iGaming pod configurations, which is spurring group play and social interaction, as well as singular stations that offer gaming content and food and beverage on demand. From the casinos I’ve visited since lockdown measures were eased, it’s clear the land-based environment is changing at some pace. There’s an understanding that driving iGaming content from within the venue is an important strategic move.

What are your expectations for the states that are considering legalizing sports betting and iGaming?

We will inevitably see more states embrace legalized sports betting and iGaming. Both sectors should continue tracking the impressive exponential growth that is happening across multiple states at present as more operators join the field in regions that have open their doors to regulation.

The beauty for players is that they’re receive increased product offerings that are far more compelling and feature innovative content that is exciting for them to experience. States understand now how the easing of iGaming regulation brings highly valuable tax receipt collections, as well as a much safer gaming experience for patrons.

How do you think the gaming industry changed due to the pandemic?

Across the globe, the pandemic drove significant iGaming growth as players headed to the online space during periods of lockdown. Arguably the US experienced the biggest change given its proud heritage of land-based casinos. It was clear that iGaming was growing before the pandemic, but the circumstances in the past year has really accelerated this change in how content is consumed.

It increased the comfort level and trust that consumers placed on iGaming content. The diverse range of products that are easily accessible to players means many of them have stuck with iGaming, even when casinos reopened their doors.

What lessons do you think the pandemic left for the market?

Gaming companies were quick to discover that possessing the ability to pivot quickly with their product offerings was a must. No one could envisage what happened in 2020, but those who were able to maintain customer engagement were the firms that adapted to the new environment in an efficient manner.

I believe the pandemic has also placed a greater importance on identifying new, viable revenue streams, as well as attract and serve additional, and sometimes distinctive, customer bases.

What are the company’s plans for this year’s edition of G2E?

We’ll be attending G2E and are very much looking forward to meeting delegates in person, especially as the event makes a welcomed return. Over the last couple of months we’ve enjoyed good traction by attending the NIGA and OIGA conferences and believe G2E will be just as successful.

We want to talk to as many individuals as possible and bring to their attention at how our nimble and scalable platform offering can really make a difference, whether they’re targeting to launch a new online program or take their land-based business to the digital environment.