Jogo Global, having recently been granted its licence by the UK Gambling Commission, now has its eyes set firmly on achieving growth in one of the world’s most recognised gambling markets. The fast-growing platform provider and casino content developer is already intensifying its activity in the region, negotiating with big-name operators to demonstrate its approach to delivering new and exciting gaming experiences. 

European Gaming caught up with group CEO David Marcus to discuss how the ambitious company’s differentiated product portfolio will be highly appealing to UK-licensed operators, including the importance of gamification tools to elevate the user experience. 


European Gaming: What are your immediate plans in the UK market, now that you are licensed in the region?

David Marcus (DM): Securing such a licence is a detailed and comprehensive process with many boxes that needed to be ticked. Attaining a Remote Gambling Software and Games Host (Casino) licence shows that we have the necessary infrastructure to deliver to the highest of standards. The process was managed by our General Manager/Compliance Officer Ellen Sezerino, along with the outstanding Jessica Wilson from law firm Harris Hagan. I cannot commend both Ellen and Jessica enough on their hard work, guidance and knowledge from start to finish. 

With the UKGC licence, the bar is set incredibly high – we welcome this high threshold, as it maintains a high standard industry-wide. We have already begun to capitalise on the opportunities the licence has given us, creating positive relationships with a number of leading operators to distribute our content and build high-quality platforms.


Which of your products do you think will especially resonate with UK operators and why?

DM: Slots always resonate with UK operators and their players, but I think the market is shifting towards experiences that offer something unique. The slots market is saturated and, as such, there is demand from online casinos for games with a difference. Our focus is on building niche products, such as crash games, video bingo and keno – bingo especially is a game that is underrepresented in this market. Regarding innovation in slots, we are also creating mini games for sportsbooks, which are small versions of games that play in a window while the main screen is still fixed on the latest odds and markets. It allows people to continuously bet in a variety of ways and focusing on incorporating additional playability like this, is one of Jogo Global’s core aims.

With new UKGC legislation enforced recently, auto-play is now no longer allowed. There have to be other ways to make games more attractive and empowering to play, so expect to see new types of games enter the marketplace, including hybrids of existing game types. 


Player behaviours differ depending on the territory – how will you tailor your offering to meet the specific needs of the UK player?

DM: Player bases in certain international markets exhibit particular habits that we have to adapt to – players in Latin America are wanting to play quick, for example, so repeat play is something that demographic is comfortable with. A large segment of British players are more cautious, so play tends to be at a slower pace in the UK. The dynamic is different. As such, we place a lot of importance on bonus games and jackpots – the key is to create added incentives for players to give them a reason to keep playing and inject the experience with another level of value.


What will be the key to sustaining long-term success in the UK for Jogo Global?

DM: Gamification is the next stage for the industry, and Jogo is set to pioneer its use to the next level. In conversations with tier one operators, we have demonstrated that a great game, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics, can still struggle to make waves in the market if it does not have great gamification behind it. It’s very easy to produce attractive, high-quality content but it is all about keeping players engaged. Tournaments, for example, are one of the game-changers of the market, they provide a USP for a game amidst the thousands of competing products. There is also the social aspect: playing with friends and sharing wins. Top-class games with cutting-edge images and robust maths form the basis of our operation, but what sets Jogo Global apart from the crowd is our commitment to games with engaging and unique gamification. Player engagement is key.


What markets does Jogo plan on entering next? What is informing your decision process?

DM: The US regulated market is on our radar. We have already picked up a few projects within the region and there is a demand for content of which our credentials show we are in the ideal position to provide – we have the platforms and content to support a robust omni-channel experience. At Jogo, all of the right mechanics are in place to solidify a good presence in the US and deliver cross platform content for the land-based casinos that are looking to get online, whether that be social slots or real money play. Watch this space!