• RGS modules for licensing
  • Development services for putting the RGS together with client game engine
  • Game client framework
  • Game porting – land based to online/ mobile
  • GLI-19 USA certifiable
  • Technology agnostic
  • Real money gaming and social gaming


  • RNG
  • Math Engine
  • Customized OS Distribution
  • SAS Module
  • Peripheral Management Library
  • Game Client Framework
  • Operator Config / Menu
  • Class 2 Bingo Server
  • EGM Core Module
  • Cashier POS
  • Recharge Station
  • Backend Integration
  • Cloud Admin Back Office
  • Cloud Reporting
  • Licensing Server

Jogo Global developed a full suite of tools and modules for creating premium content for land based machines and game terminals in accordance with all necessary regulations and global standards.

From software modules to providing out-of-box connectivity to Casino Management Systems and State Lottery Controllers (SAS module) to complete solutions for Class II / Tribal games including certified local and wide area bingo servers and tools for math model conversions between distinct jurisdictions, Jogo Global delivers everything needed for building, certifying, deploying and operating land based and omni-channel products.



There are more than 40 elements that can be combined to compose an efficient gamification strategy for each audience profile. Working with Jogo we can build a tailor-made solution to support your acquisition and retention strategies.

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